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Fire Glass, Fire Gems, Fire Shapes & Gas Log Accessories


Fire Glass and Fire Gems are a contemporary alternative to the traditional gas log.  We carry glass and gems from Real Fyre, American Fire Glass, FireGlass+, Finishing Touch and Outdoor Plus.  There is a variety of colors and burner options for indoor and outdoor use.


Fire glass and Gems are priced by the pound but are usually packaged in a minimum of 8 lbs. or 10 lbs. containers.  Measure your fireplace and contact us and we will figure the correct amount for you.


Any questions about fire glass and gems please feel free to contact us.  We look forward to answering your questions.

Gold Reflective Crushed Fire Glass

Crushed Glass is available in many colors.  Most colors are 1/4" in size.  Some colors are available in 1/2".

Black Reflective Crushed Fire Glass

Black Reflective Crushed Glass

Bronze Reflective Crushed Fire Glass

Bronze Reflective Crushed Glass

Carribean Blue Crushed Fire Glass

Carribean Blue Crushed Glass

Star Fyre Crushed Fire Glass

Starfyre Crushed Glass

Clear Crushed Fire Glass

Clear Crushed Glass

Carribean Blue Reflective Crushed Fire Glass

Carr. Blue Reflect. Crushed Glass

Saphire Gems

Fire Gems are available in many colors and shapes, Gems, Diamonds Nuggets and larger pieces.

Blue Topaz Fire Gems

Blue Topaz Gems

Champagne Fire Gems

Champagne Gems

Emerald Fire Gems

Emerald Gems

Glacier Fire Gems

Glacier Gems

Clear Diamond Nuggets

Clear Nuggets

Blue Steel Diamond Nuggets

Blue Steel Nuggets

River Rock and Fire Glass

Fire Shapes and Stones

Different Shapes and Colors available.  Combine them with Fire Glass for a unique contemporary look.

Geo Shapes and Fire Glass
Assorted River Rocks

Assorted River Rocks

Fire Spheres


Slate River Rocks

Slate River Rocks



Geo Domes

Geo Domes



Accessories For Your Gas Log


Branches, Chips, Pine Cones and Reflective Fire Backs

4 Piece Charred Branch Set

Branch Sets

2 Piece Split Log Set
Pine Cone & Chip Set

Chip Sets

6 Piece Wood Chip Set
Contemporary Black Enamel Fireback

Black Enamel Fire Backs

Traditional Stainless Fireback

Stainless Fire Backs

4 Piece Pine Cone Set

Pine Cones

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