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Linear Gas Fireplaces


Linear gas fireplaces offer a wide, but short viewing area without louvers.  There are many options available for each fireplace.  Contemporary to traditional, electronic ignition, natural gas or L.P Gas, remotes, thermostats, blowers and more.  These are direct vent appliances and many are heater rated.


Any questions about these fireplaces please feel free to contact us.  We look forward to answering your questions.


Note on Efficiencies:  The efficiencies shown below are the highest listed in the manufacturers information.  The higher numbers are usually the

Overall or Steady State efficiency.  The lower are generally A.F.U.E. or EnerGuide efficiency.


Vent-Free not available in California

Regency HZ54E Gas Fireplace




41,500 BTU

Electric Ignition

70% Efficiency

 CPSC compliant safety screen


  • Facade Options
  • Black Enamel or Stainless Liner
  • Crystal Colors
  • Natural River Pebbles
  • Ceramic Spa Stones
  • Log Set
  • Remote/Thermostat
  • Blower
  • Heat Wave Power Duct
  • Heat Release Kit
  • Nat. Gas or L.P. Gas


L1 - 1500IN


30,000 BTU

Electric Ignition

65.77% Efficiency

CPSC compliant safety screen


  • Standard Remote/Thermostat
  • Driftwood/Rock or Glass
  • Liner Options
  • Facade Options
  • Light Kit
  • Blower
  • L.P. Gas Conversion
Valor L1 Linear Gas Fireplace
Valor L1 See Through Linear Gas Fireplace


L1 See Through


30,000 BTU

Electric Ignition

68.3% Efficiency

 CPSC compliant safety screen


  • Long Beach Driftwood Logs
  • Decorative Glass
  • Beaded Glass
  • Liner kits
  • Surrounds
  • Remote Blower Kit
  • Decorative Rock Kit

Town & Country



54,900 BTU

Electronic Ignition

26.72% Efficiency


  • Standard Remote
  • Standard Steel Stud Framing Kit
  • Liner Options
  • Glass or Stone Options
  • Facade Options
  • Screen
  • L.P. Gas Conversion
Town & Country WS54 Linear Gas Fireplace

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