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Wood Burning Hearth Heaters


When your fireplace is too small for an insert to fit in to it, the Hearth Heater is a possible option.  These units have been designed to fit in front of your fireplace.  The flue outlet is very low compared to a freestanding stove and will fit most fireplaces.


These units are Medium sized and can heat between 1000 and 2000 sq. ft. depending on the unit. They can be made from steel, Soap Stone or Cast Iron. These hearth heaters are all EPA Approved. They have a 6" flue collar (unless noted otherwise) and have many options available.


Note:  There is a good selection of freestanding wood burning stoves that can be installed as a hearth heater.


There are 3 things to consider for installing a hearth heater:

  • Is your current hearth deep enough for the hearth heater to sit properly in front of your fireplace?
  • Most fireplaces will require and addition hearth extension.
  • The mantle clearance on hearth heaters is generally greater than on an fireplace insert.


Any questions about these hearth heaters please feel free to contact us.  We look forward to answering your questions.


Note:  If you are within the SCAQMD’s jurisdiction, restrictions may apply to installation and use of a wood burning stove.

To help us determine what insert will fit into your fireplace, print out the Fireplace Measure Form and fill in the dimensions.  Email, FAX or bring this in to the store.  This will help us guide you to the appropriate appliance.

Measuring Form
Regency H2100 Wood Burning Hearth Heater




Steel Hearth Heater

Heats Up To 1500 sq. ft.

18" Log Length

Up to 8 hour burn

84.9% Efficiency


  • Black or Nickel Trim Door
  • Blower
  • Oversized Faceplate




Soapstone Hearth Heater

Heats Up To 1800 sq. ft.

21" Log Length

Up to 8 hour burn

83.5% Efficiency


  • Matte Black or Enamel Colors
  • Faceplate
Hearthstone Homestead Wood Burning Hearth Heater

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